The Secret of the Other

Spirituality, Philosophy, Religion and Spiritual exercises
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The Secret of the Other: An extraordinary book

This book isn’t about charity or love for the neighbor, for the old idea of charity only feels good to people who refuse to take a look at their inner world. Take a look at the world today and you will see the terrible state of it! This book is a wake-up call that shows reality how it is. It’s die-hard spirituality for people with guts. The author, Robbert Omtzigt, has been working 6 years to completely unrafel the secret of the other which is a secret that is over 4 thousand years old. Here’s a brief introduction.

The idea of he Other really captures the imagination. Especially now, in a time that we’ve become terryfied. Terryfied for the other, the stranger, the one that really frightens us. But who or what is actually the other? Is it clear who or what is meant by the other. Or does it only sound nice, and by using the word you mainly want to show how good you are?

That’s the reason for writing this book on the other, and to clear its misconceptions, but also its origin and its implications. Who is the other and the big secret behind it? Knowing this secret implies hard work and is about true spirituality that will set you free.

We really have to reconsider the way we’re trying our best today, for it doesn’t work anymore, or has it ever done?

Curious about a real solution for the problems of our world today? Buy the book, read it and it will set you free!